Old chair made new again!

There are so many ways to use Fabric Spray Dye for both the home and for business. If you are looking to save money and time in running your business, one way to be resourceful is by using Fabric Spray Dye on your business' furnishings.

You can use Fabric Spray Dye on most types of absorbent fabrics. Office furniture such as desk chairs, cubicle dividers, lampshades, and rugs can be easily revived with Fabric Spray Dye and transform the look of the whole office. You don't need to purchase a whole new set of office furniture. Instead, take a weekend to spray that office furniture back to life and bring up the spirit of the workplace.

Fabric Spray Dye is also a great tool in the restaurant and bar business. Fabric Spray Dye is a non-toxic spray paint that doesn't smell like chemicals as does regular spray paint. It is completely safe to use inside, so you can certainly use it for restaurant and bar environments. Use Fabric Spray Dye on any absorbent furnishings of your restaurant, including seat cushions, lampshades, curtains, fabric bar stools, placemats, napkins, chairs, couches, pillows, and more. Be sure to test your fabric for absorbency before you spray paint it.

You will be amazed at how great your furniture looks when you use Fabric Spray Dye!