Helpful Tips


For best results, the fabric must be dry, clean, and free of body oils.

ONLY OPEN ONE CAN AT A TIME. We are not responsible for the results of your dyeing project and will not credit for used cans or damaged furniture.

DO NOT OVERSHAKE. We know you want to shake the can, but over shaking is bad. Resist the urge. Bubbles are not always your friend.

AVOID SOAKING YOUR PROJECT. Less is more. You’ll have better results spraying several light coats of paint as opposed to heavy coats. Spray a light base coat, wait 30 minutes until it’s dry to the touch, then spray a second coat.

KEEP CAN UPRIGHT WHEN SPRAYING. To avoid sputtering and wasting propellant, keep the can upright while spraying. There is a tube attached to the spray mechanism (like a Windex bottle). You’ll get the most out of each can this way.

BUTTONS AND FOLDS CAN BE TRICKY. We suggest rubbing in the dye with a rag as you spray to get all the nooks and crannies.

VELVET NEEDS EXTRA CARE. The dye sticks to the hairs. You will need to ‘brush’ it with a cloth after it has dried. This will help to soften the fibers.

OK TO HAND WASH.  Its safe to hand wash fabric with soap and water after you have allowed dye to fully dry for 72 hours.