DIY Projects

  • Red Fabric Armchair Painted with Simply Spray Paint Dye

    Painted Bright Red with two cans of Simply Spray Fabric Spray Dye Paint
  • Restored Wingback Chair

    One and a half cans of Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Dye Paint made this chair like new again and stayed soft to the touch.
  • Artistically Painted Striped Sofa Blended.

    Spraypainted sofa couch with multicolored stripes.  Ken is such an artist.  He used all of our Designer Accents upholstery paint colors to repurpose this dingy grey sofa.  The colors blended quite well.  Good job.
  • Chair Transformation

    Gave a new facelift to an old tired white chair...Easy to use and almost odorless. 

    - Zofia

  • Relief Stenciling with Fabric Spray Paint

    Relief stencilling with Fabric Spray Dye is a great way to customize fabric pieces with your own logo, artwork, or pattern. In this video, Ken is spraying a relief of a logo onto a suede water pouch.

    Relief stencilling is an aspect of printmaking where the negative space around a piece of artwork is what gets printed or painted. In this video, we use the piece of cardboard that was removed from a stencil to create a negative of the logo. (This is the opposite of the stencilling technique in our T-shirt video.)

    Ken’s logo for Zest for Life was made into a relief stencil using a laser cutter, but if you don’t have access to one of those, you can cut one out of a sheet of cardboard or plastic.

    To secure your relief stencil on your project while you paint, we recommend using a spray tack which you can get at the craft store.

    Because the edges of the water bag are rubber, the paint will not adhere to it.

    Use a rag to blot up excess paint from the stencil right away.

    This technique is great for customizing canvas tote bags, lampshades, slip-on sneakers, hats, and even T-shirts. Whether you are spraying on a logo or screen print style artwork, using Fabric Spray Dye gets the job done quick and easy and with minimal clean-up.

  • Refurbishing a Living Room Couch with Fabric Spray Dye

    This living room couch was revived with our Simply Spray Fabric Spray Dye.

    "I love the finished project! I have already told some friends of mine about your product. We are in the antique collectible selling business and many times we need to change the color of things to people's likings. I will definitely be ordering more of your spray dye. Here are before and after pictures. The original color of the living room couch wasn't what I wanted. Now it’s the colors of the 60s!"

    Tina, Washington

  • Lounge Seating Makeover with Fabric Spray Dye

    A local club wanted to renew their furnishings. DeZignature401 was in charge of the revamping, and they made this awesome video of their painting process. Using our Simply Spray Fabric Spray Dye, the lounge was transformed and their whole look was upgraded. The results are fantastic.


  • Old chair made new again!

    Check out the before and after photo of this succesful chair transformation sent to us from Jason in North Kingstown, RI. The spray dye really made his worn out chairs look new again